Artist3 is bringing real-world implementation to NFT’s by creating a blockchain-enabled end-to-end digital ecosystem for creatives, artists, musicians and art collectors to create and sell NFT’s, earn from funding or using NFT’s projects in games, animations and still art.

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Artist3 is a blockchain enabled end-to-end digital ecosystem.

Artist3 deconstructs traditional revenue models by allowing Users of the platforms to earn by participating in the ecosystem; it also offers opportunities to crowdsource funds for creative projects. Investors are not left out, because Artist3 gives art lovers or savvy investors an opportunity to fund art projects and bring them to life, from animation to video games nothing is off limits. It’s a hub for creatives to bring any and every project to life.

Create your own NFTs

Digitize your content by tokenizing them into certifiably ownable and infinitely tradable goods.

High Performance, Low Fees

Binance Smart Chain allows artist3 to transact in an ultra-fast and secure environment while maintaining limited fee exposure for our end-users.

Invest In Projects

Our launchpad platform helps creatives projects raise funds and increase their reach across the crypto ecosystem.

Discover and get discovered

Find something that sparks joy amongst a myriad of content from across the metaverse

Trade and share with anyone

Exchange, auction, or even gift your goods to others entirely on your terms

Leverage their full potential

Deploy your NFTs via various means to unlock their deepest value


The first product to be launched by Artist3. Mart3 provides new and innovative avenues for trading NFTS, compelling digital arts and animated content inspired by stories, consciousness, vintage art, and iconic history for a modern world.

This is where creative projects come to life. With incub8 creatives can crowdsource funding for films, art, games, animations and more, investors join pools or as an individual bid to purchase projects SNFT. SNFT are (special Non-Fungible Tokens) which are given to Supporters in return. Holders of these SNFT’s earn dividends from the share of revenues generated from their NFT’s being featured on the projects.

This is a video on demand platform where contents are crowdsourced and owned by the community. Platform users who agree to receive ads will be rewarded with AT3s; the tokens can be used for subscription (for when they turn off ads). The tokens paid for subscriptions will be given to publishers as support for their content. The platform is free to use, however users can have access to premium content or advanced site features by subscribing by either paying the premium fee or turning on ads.

This is a one-stop shop. An Nft games platform where game developers can publish their NFT games and users can choose from our diverse catalog of NFT game genres to play. It provides an automated way for game developers to integrate crypto wallets into their games and earn revenue, and access a wider audience. It's an official app store for certified games, allowing users to browse / play or download crypto supported applications.

This a learning hub where curated content will be designed to equip members of the community with new courses, techniques and tools to unlock more opportunities in the Nft space.

Our Team

Ferdy Adimefe


Founder/CEO of Magic Carpet Studios

Ukeme Okuku


Director Blackblock, Ex BirdMoney

Chike Okonkwo

Co-founder & Lead Business Dev

Ex Business Dev OkEx, Advisor NiMeDex

Michael Anyi

Blockchain Dev

Wifisoft Technologies

About Us

Artist3 is a collaborative project between Magic Carpet in conjunction with Wifisoft Technologies.
The team is made up of dynamic and resilient entrepreneurs in the art and crypto space.

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