Artist3 is bringing real world implementation to NFT’s by creating a blockchain enabled end-to-end digital ecosystem for creatives, artistes, musicians and art collectors to create and sell NFT’s, earn from funding or using AN NFT’s projects in games, animations and still art.

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Artist3 is a blockchain enabled end-to-end digital ecosystem.

Artist3 deconstructs traditional revenue models by allowing Users of the platforms to earn by participating in the ecosystem; it also offers opportunities to crowdsource funds for creative projects. Investors are not left out, because Artist3 gives art lovers or savvy investors an opportunity to fund art projects and bring them to life, from animation to video games nothing is off limits. It’s a hub for creatives to bring any and every project to life.



An international marketplace where people can purchase great artwork through a secured blockchain.

The artists can place digital assets like pictures, videos, audio files and even tweets, for auction and earn royalties.


A platform that gives users a diverse catalogue of NFT games to play. It even offers an avenue for game developers to integrate crypto wallets into their games. i) Nft games store (A subset of Gamic)

It serves as the official app store for certified games. It enables developers to publish their NFT games and allows users to play, browse or download crypto supported applications.


A video on demand (VOD) platform where content is crowd-sourced and owned by the community. Magical will be run using AT3 tokens, which will awarded based on the number of users viewing ads and content on the platform.

The platform will be totally free to use and even offers the option of premium content for a nominal fee or just turning on the ad viewers.


This platform solely exists to bring creative projects to life. Users can acquire SNFT’s (Special Non-Fungible Tokens) through which they can earn dividends through revenues generated from the products.

With incu8 creatives can source crowd funding for their films, art, games, animations and more.


"Topia” is a learning platform curating courses in the space of creative and digital economy.

Courses on how to monetize and creative art.